Our Ewes….

Fayette – our little fairy, White, Horned, with a golden shimmer, she’s truly magical and majestic. She is white with Phaeomelanin. Not bred for 2022

Phaeomelanin Factor

A gene that does cause some color in the fleece, face and legs. This gene allows the wool follicle to produce a pigment called Phaeomelanin which has been described as tan, yellow or sometimes red. It is seen most frequently on the head, legs and tail of white sheep. It is also seen in the light parts of the fleece of a badgerface. When present it gives the fleece a cream or light tan appearance. Phaeomelanin color can be turned off by the spotting gene. In other words white spotting will turn off the red color.

Felsa – the talker, she is a black mouflon, who loves to skip and jump, and tell you when it’s breakfast time. Solid Large body conformation

Freja – our solid black, she is a leader, hence why her name honours the goddess Freja, who┬árules over her heavenly field. – Not bred for 2022

Ruby – Moorit Mouflon – our sweet Ruby, adding new genetics to our herd.

Diamond – Black Grey Spotted, this little lady is prized for the quality of her fleece.

Gigi – Solid Moorit – solid large body conformation

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