Homestead Stock


We prefer to sell our Homestead Stock as a 2-3 sheep packages.

This year we have Breeding stock and Pet Stock.

Breeding stock will be Registered lambs. They are breeding stock because we feel they reflect all areas of Icelandic breed conformation.

Pet Stock are fully registerable, but we feel lack in an area where they do not achieve all Icelandic breed conformation, therefore will be unregistered. In our case, the area that they do not hold Icelandic breed conformation is size and growth over the first month. These lambs are still great animals, and will produce fabulous fleece.

Our Breeding program is still focused on fleece quality and temperament.


These are beautiful sheep just to watch graze your land, to interact with and have high parasite resistance as adults.

Icelandics need to be sheared 2 times a year, in Spring and Fall.

Learn the amazing story of how Icelandics where brought to North America, here

We are proud to own and live with these beautiful creatures.


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