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New Additions to the flock

  We are happy to add two new ewes to our flock this summer. These two ewes will enable us to add more pattern variety and genetics, so we can now focus on raising a Moorit(brown) based fibre flock. We are excited to see our lambs in the coming years.

2020 Lambs

We had successful lambing season this year, 2 rams and 6 ewes. The color spread was white, beige and Morrit(rusty brown). We look forward to next years, lambing. Have a great summer!        

2019 Fall Shearing

We are looking forward to this Falls Fleece. Shearing should happen end of October, and by November, we’ll have an idea of how many fleeces we will have for sale. If you want to be put on our Future Fleece list (you will be the first to receive an email […]

Spring has sprung…

We welcomed the first two lambs of our Asgard flock this spring. They are the rams, Gimli and Gildor. Both will be wethered, to be part of our fleece herd or part of our 2020 “Homestead Stock” trios for sale. Unfortunately we do not have 2019 Winter fleeces for sale […]

What is Ethical sheep husbandry?

Ethical Sheep husbandry to us,  is has multiple elements: Sheep Health: -maintaining a parasite resistant flock thru pasture rotation. -regular hoof trimming and care, as we are in a wet, non rocky environment -a dry environment to rest, or take shelter -providing fresh water daily -providing free choice salt and minerals […]