Our Fibre Flock:

We have 5 Icelandic sheep in our fibre flock, with the color range of black, beige, moorit(brown), and white.

Our Horned Breeding Stock:

Our breeding stock consist of our ram Knute(806564-H), and 3 unrelated ewes, Freya(750658-NH), Diamond(766619-H), Gigi(754540-H).

See our genetics on CLRC

For 4 years, we selectively bred fibre genetics from Tideview Farm and Ultriea from Vancouver Island, to create the flock of colors, wide horns, and pleasant temperaments, to what we have today.

Email to inquire regarding 2025 Lambs

Current ewes for sale:

2022 B3 -maiden ewe- photo to come – $450

2022 M4 – maiden ewe – photo to come – $450