Homestead Stock

We prefer to sell our Homestead Stock as a 2-3 sheep packages. Wethers make great companion animals and are big producers if you desire a fibre flock.

Our Homestead stock are Registered purebred Icelandics.  They are registered for tracability, and proof of ownership. They provide companionship for each other, provide their owners with lawn mowing or land clearing capabilities, and fleece if so desired.

Our Breeding program is focused on fleece quality and temperament.

These are beautiful sheep just to watch graze your land, to interact with and have high parasite resistance as adults.

Icelandics need to be sheared 2 times a year.  If this is of no interest of yours, and you reside on the Sunshine Coast, we will come shear your sheep 2 times a year, in return for their fleece,  which will be used in our wool products.

Our lambs are ready for their new home at 4-5 months. Reservations are made with a deposit, and you will then be provided with bi-weekly pics and updates on how your little ones are doing, up to your pick up or drop off date.

Learn the amazing story of how Icelandics where brought to North America, here

We are proud to own and live with these beautiful creatures.

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